About us



Nicolas is a Dad who’s
keeping his promise to his five year old daughter

About the founder

Nicolas left his position as an engineer in a large manufacturing company so he could pursue this dream of bringing the joy of music and sound to children. He’s had the opportunity to study in France, the UK and in Canada. His work with an international company has also brought him to Africa, South and Central America and the US where he’s realized children are children. Regardless of the region they all enjoy music, dance and creating when given the opportunity.

He eventually settled down in Montreal, Canada, where he met his wife Christine.

How it started !

The couple had their first child Juliette in 2012. As she grew up, Juliette has been developing a passion for dance and music. And as a caring dad, Nicolas spent plenty of time on Youtube to play his daughter her favorite songs to listen and dance to. He remembered he used to play with a portable tape recorder (ghetto blaster) when he was a little boy (#childoftheeighties), and told Juliette he would buy her something similar, so that she could listen to the music she wants, or stories, or whatever she decides, when she wants, with total autonomy. Hearing this, Juliette was ecstatic !

However, such a screen free device designed for young kids to be able to use by themselves is very difficult to find nowadays ! So Nicolas decided to make one ! From that, the Kidcorder concept was born.

The company MyKidsLoveIt was created with the objective to develop and sell the Kidcorder. But the long term ambition is to create simple and ever-lasting toys. The ultimate reward will be to hear parents talking about it and saying : “My Kids Love it !