The audio recorder designed for kids

by a creative dad

and the leading French toy manufacturer



On the fly


Listen to your favorite song or story in total autonomy


Improve pronunciation, train memory, support learning process of reading

No screen

Screen time is over ! Grab your Kidcorder and go play!

No radio-frequencies

100% kids safe: No wireless connection


Interface adapted to kids, no computer or WiFi connexion required.

Learn to speak

They can listen to their own voice, work on their diction…

Learn to memorize
and calm down

Phone numbers, address, ABC… The Kidcorder helps them train their memory.

They can also learn to relax by listening to meditation exercices.

Apprendre à lire

Looking at a book while listening to a story told by a loved one!

The Kidcorder helps children associate sounds with words and accompanies them as they learn to read.

Move, Dance

The Kidcorder encourages movement!

Create, Invent

The Kidcorder helps you make up stories. It encourages creativity!


The Kidcorder allows you to go on an adventure, like a reporter to interview the older sister, the dog, the birds?

Mommy a story!

The Kidcorder will never take the place of Mom or Dad to tell a story. But it can come in handy once in a while, and it's better than TV!

Little love notes

Leave a little message to your children when you go on a business trip or for a long working day, success guaranteed!

And finally, the lullaby!

The Kidcorder also allows you to find your favourite lullabies to fall asleep.



In 6 years, I have never seen such a toy. It is simple yet revolutionary.

Manu / Manager in a toy store

This is a toy that did not exist yet. It is well built and colorful. The little handle is very handy. My kids use it a lot. And so do I!

Teesha / Tester CDiscount

A new tool to work on diction, sentences, understanding of instructions, story chronology, possibilities are endless.

Caroline / Speech therapist