Kid talking in a speaker, probably used the Kidcorder

Learn to speak

Kids can listen to themselves and work on their pronunciation : articulation, stress and intonation.

Young girl trying to remember something. Kidcorder helps training memory

Learn to remember

Either phone numbers, address, or poems, the Kidcorder help kids to train their memory.

Kids playing and reading a book together

Learn to read

Kids can look at a book while listening to the story recorded by a close parent (mommy, daddy, grandpa, grandma…). The kidcorder will help the child become curious about the meaning of words and support them in the process of learning how to read.

Speech therapist using Kidcorder to help a kid improve her diction
  • The Kidcorder is also the ideal companion for fighting all kind of dys…
  • It has been tested by speech therapists who are full of creativity to create adapted exercises to help their patients improve.
  • The Kidcorder can also be a good companion for autistic kids.